Southwold Pier

Forget the kiss-me-quick tat usually associated with such jetties, Southwold Pier is a treasure trove of curiosities; best exemplified by the Tim Hunkin’s hand-built amusements that include a surprisingly cathartic Whack-a-Banker machine.

Distance: 10 miles / 22 minute drive


Thorpeness was dreamed up by an Edwardian playwright, who built the former holiday village to feature a 64-acre boating pond, a golf course and a towering house in the clouds that can still be seen seemingly floating above the trees.  

Distance: 10.2 miles / 22 minute drive

Maize Maze, Southwold

Re-configured with a new theme every year, the enormous Maize Maze, and its accompanying pedal go karts and climbing towers, offers fun for all ages. When viewed from the air, the maze can be seen in its intricately illustrative glory

Distance: 8 miles / 17 minute drive

Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo is an ancient burial site that played host to a complete medieval ship and the likely remains of an Anglo-Saxon king. Expect some interesting additions to the site, as they’ve just received a £1.8m lottery grant.  

Distance: 22.8 miles / 39 minute drive

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